Final Round of WDS 2017 Tickets Goes on Sale Today

Link: Final Round of WDS 2017 Tickets

For seven years now, our volunteer team has produced a global adventure that takes place every year in Portland. This year will be our best year ever—you should be there!

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Here’s what you need to know:
  • Our FINAL ROUND of main-stage ticket sales for WDS 2017 begins TODAY, Wednesday, April 26th, starting at 9am PST. All tickets are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with none being held back for sale at the event itself, so get yours while you can!
  • Because of the increased focus on strengthening our entire community for this year’s gathering, WDS Connect tickets will not be available. It’s important that everyone who attends WDS this year takes part in the entire experience.
  • We operate WDS as a non-commercial event. There are no corporate sponsors, and all costs go toward the event or our new Scholarships for Real Life foundation.
  • WDS continues to expand. This year will have more opportunities than ever before and will last a full week like last year. We’re producing more than a dozen “Academies,” half-day workshops that take place before and after the weekend, and lots of other fun activities
  • If attending, you’ll want to be in Portland from July 11th – 17th, or at the very least from the 14th-16th. We still have a limited number of hotel discounts for registered attendees.

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If you’d like a WDS refresher:

Watch our quick WDS 2016 Trailer
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View over a thousand photos from 2016
Read hundreds of independent attendee reviews!


Tickets go on sale today, April 26th, starting at 9am PST / 12pm EST, and we hope to see you in July!

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