This Free Report Tells You How 20 High-Achievers Plan for the New Year


Link: Free PDF from Michael Hyatt

As part of the relaunch of his Best Year Ever course, Michael Hyatt has just released a free PDF with lessons from 20 high-achievers (somehow I made the list) on how to prepare for a great year.

You can learn a lot from Michael through this report, the free videos, or the new course that just opened for registration last week. If you’re interested in the course, the limited offer for Early Bird pricing ends tomorrow, Dec. 19th.


Over here, I’m still hard at work on my 2014 Annual Review, and I know some of you are too.

Tomorrow’s post will be much like Monday’s and Wednesday’s: long and detailed. I’ll be focusing more on travel lessons and highlights in that one.

Then, early next week, we’ll look ahead to next year (whoa).

Wherever you are, I hope you’re doing well.


Image: Rachel

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