Don’t Make Important Decisions Out of Desperation


One of the best things about having more than one source of income is that it provides security when something goes wrong. You’re not dependent on your employer—so that even if a job loss would be a major problem, at least it wouldn’t be an all-out disaster.

But what if you don’t have that security set up, and you lose your job… what do you do?

Here’s how a reader is experiencing this situation:

“I am currently in a dilemma and in the absence of a mentor who can give me advice. I do not want to waste your time with my life story; the situation is that I left my full time job to pursue a passion project, which failed.

I’ve almost run out of my savings and my old job is no longer available. While I’m thinking of continuing my job hunt to pay the bills, I also keep thinking if I should give my passion project a few more tries before calling it quits altogether. Your advice on having a side hustle is of course, on the back of my mind, but in my situation, would you recommend having a regular job and a side hustle or is it better to pursue my passion full time?


And here’s what I think:

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with continuing the job hunt. Do whatever you can do to pay the bills, and build for the future. In a situation like this, the risk is that you’ll make decisions out of desperation—which isn’t good.

When you’re scared, you tend to make poor decisions. Or at least you make decisions that are focused on short-term results. It’s more important to resolve your current situation so that you’re not desperate. Then, and perhaps only then, you’ll be able to think more clearly about those passion projects.

There’s no need to solve everything at once, in other words. And hang in there—don’t be too hard on yourself. 🙂


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Decide for yourself what you want, then find a way to make it happen.

Join a Supportive Community and Create a New Source of Income


Join the Side Hustle Society and Create a New Source of Income

Link: Side Hustle Society

Short version: my new training program (the first I’ve made in 3 years!) is now available for registration. Join during the introductory launchone week only—before it closes for at least a month.

-OFFER ENDS January 16, 2018-

And here’s the slightly longer version…

It only took me six months to finish what I started.

Last January 1, I introduced Side Hustle School, a daily podcast that promised to show listeners how to make extra money without quitting their jobs. In our first year, Side Hustle School produced 365 episodes that were downloaded millions of times (more than 12 million in total).

I also heard from a ton of listeners. From thousands of emails to in-person meet ups in 40 cities, all along the way I heard what people like you are looking for most of all.

What I’ve heard more than anything else is that you want support. You want to get feedback about your idea, and you want to connect with one another!

You also want a step-by-step process that guides you from start to finish in creating a new source of income.

Well, help has arrived! Side Hustle Society will help with both of these issues. When you join the Society, you’ll get that step-by-step process in the form of 35 short audio and video modules. You’ll also get access to a community of people just like you, where you can bounce ideas off one another and get advice from experts.

Learn more or register now

After one week, we’ll close registration and not accept any new members for at least a month (and likely at a higher price). This is so we can focus on serving and rewarding the inaugural members—perhaps including you.

I spent more than six months designing this program (thanks for your patience), and I know it can help people who are looking for support in starting their hustle.

To your success,


Chris Guillebeau

P.S. To be clear, this program isn’t for everyone. I only want people to join who are absolutely serious about making their side hustle dream a reality. If that’s not you at the moment, no problem—you’re more than welcome to continue to enjoy the free show that comes out every single day.

If, however, you do want to take action and create a new source of income in a short period of time…. GET READY!!! This new program will help, and I’ll do everything I can to support you along the way.


Decide for yourself what you want, then find a way to make it happen.

Where Do Side Hustle School Stories Come From?

Side-Hustle-Stories- Chris-Guillebeau

Every day on Side Hustle School, I tell a different true story of someone who creates a new source of income without quitting their job. Sometimes people ask, “Where do the stories come from?”

Great question! Many of them come from our listeners and readers. Do you have a side hustle? If so, I’d love to hear about it! We’ll feature some of the stories far and wide to 40,000 daily listeners.

—>Tell Us About Your Side Hustle 

If you don’t have a project like this yourself but know someone who does, will you send them this link? Maybe we can help them get more business, and they can also help a lot of people by sharing their story with people who are starting out.

Meanwhile, the SIDE HUSTLE book has been out in the world for more than a month, and I’m hearing from people every day about projects they’re starting.

Side-Hustle-Tour-Georgia Side-Hustle-Tour-San-Francisco Side-Hustle-Tour-San-London

I hope it helps you create more freedom for yourself. Do you have a hustle yet?

SIDE HUSTLE costs $25 or less and can help you in a very practical way.

Get your copy now:

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Decide for yourself what you want, then find a way to make it happen.

201 More Stories of People with Day Jobs Creating Side Hustles

Listen to Side Hustle School:

in iTunes or Stitcher
on the website
—somewhere else (it should be available almost anywhere you listen to podcasts…)

On January 1, I began a new project: to share a story every day of someone who starts an income-generating project (a “side hustle”) without quitting their day job.

The project failed and I decided to give up. Just kidding! We are relentlessly moving along, publishing story after story—and it’s getting better and better!

I recently completed the first 100 200 300 days. There’s much more to come, but I’m excited about everything I’ve learned since beginning back in January.

If you’re just joining in, you can also catch up on any recent episode from the links below.

Here’s the list and links to the first 100 episodes.

Download all episodes from each month:



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I’ve been so happy to see the show finding a good home with the right people! A new episode arrives each morning at 6:01am EST. As promised, much more is on the way.


Decide for yourself what you want, then find a way to make it happen.

Making Money From More Than One Paycheck Can Help You Follow Your Dreams


This year I’ve been focused almost entirely on helping people take action. Side Hustle School, my daily podcast, shines a spotlight on people who are creating freedom and security for themselves (and making more money, too).

In my new book, SIDE HUSTLE, you’ll get a 27-day plan to go from idea to income. It’s meant to be as straightforward as possible: follow this plan and you will have something to show for it within a month.

A few people have asked: why is everything so practical? What happened to “follow your dreams”?

Well, the thing is, for nearly a decade now I’ve tried to show people real-world action plans, whether for travel hacking, starting a business for under $100, or just questioning authority in general.

In this case, creating another source of income can help you follow whatever dream you have. It feels really good to get paid outside your normal paycheck.


I don’t want to tell you what your dreams should be; those are for you to figure out. But if you have a dream, you can either follow it or choose to let it die. Which will you choose?

SIDE HUSTLE costs $25 or less and can help you in a very practical way.

Get your copy now:

Barnes & Noble
Local Bookstore


Decide for yourself what you want, then find a way to make it happen.

SIDE HUSTLE: From Idea to Income in 27 Days (The Book Is Out!)


Buy it now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks| Your local bookstore
Join me on my 100-city tour.


Hey everyone, the SIDE HUSTLE book is out!

Last year I spoke to groups all across the U.S. and Canada. More than anything else, one topic resonated: how to start a side hustle. 

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to tackle this topic in depth. I’ve been starting my own side hustles for two decades, and have been writing about them for nine years.

I decided to make this a mission, not just a project. The book is out today, but I’ve been publishing a daily podcast 7 days a week since January 1. Each day, I tell a true story of an employee who creates a new source of income without quitting their day job.

So far we’ve published 262 episodes, with a new one coming out every day. I’ve never worked so hard AND had so much fun.

Now I’m going on the road: this week to Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, and Denver, and then on to dozens more cities in North America and beyond. Come out and say hi!

Side Hustle Book Image

SIDE HUSTLE: From Idea to Income in 27 Days (What’s It About?)

The key message of this book is: don’t quit your job, but do create a new source of income while you’re still there.

A side hustle isn’t just nice, it’s necessary—and there’s a process you can follow to create one.

I created a 27-day plan of action, with one step for you to complete each day. If you follow the plan, you can start your own income-generating project. Don’t take it from me; thousands of people have done it for themselves!

I used a case study format for this book, with lots of stories of regular people who all succeeded using this method.

  • The woman who makes personalized candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, earning $100,000 a year on the side
  • The guy who sets up a website containing fish tank reviews, then never touches it again… but three years later, continues to receive $700 a month in affiliate commissions from Amazon
  • The couple who visits Nepal for their honeymoon then brings back cashmere scarves to resell (donating a portion of the profits to girls’ education in Nepal)

…and many more. I loved writing this book, and I hope you love it too!

How You Can Help

This book is extra special because it basically came about in response to what YOU (or at least many readers) told me over and over.

If you’d like to help, I’d be most grateful. There are three main things you can do:


Where do you spend time online or offline? Wherever it is, let people know that the book is out and why you think they should buy it.

Feel free to use these images and the hashtag #SideHustleBook.





Once you read the book, tell everyone what you learned and what your favorite part was. The best places to post reviews are Amazon and Goodreads. Everyone else in the publishing industry looks at those sites to see what people are saying about books.


Unlike online courses or other business products, the book is cheap. The list price is just $25, and many retailers will sell it for less. Yet despite the low price tag, you can use this model to create a moneymaking asset that can serve you for years to come.

If you enjoy some of the work I do for free (the blog, the podcast, the meetups—basically 80% of what I spend time on), please consider purchasing a copy for yourself, and copies for anyone who you think needs a side hustle.

Buy it now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks| Your local bookstore

*If you buy 50 or more copies for a group or organization, please let me know so I can thank you personally. 



Okay, I’m getting ready to hit the road—and I’m excited to begin a new journey. Will I see you on tour? Will you start your side hustle?

Either way, I’ll be cheering you on, and I’d love to know what happens.


Decide for yourself what you want, then find a way to make it happen.

Meet Me Anywhere! Announcing the 100-City* Side Hustle Tour

Hey, everyone!

Two big things today…

My new book, Side Hustle, comes out on September 19. As part of that process, I now have the first batch of cities for my fall tour ready to go. And because pre-orders for the book make a huge difference for authors, I also have a special offer for you.

Chris Vancouver

1. The first part of my fall tour schedule is now online!

I’m incredibly excited to announce that the first 30 cities of my Side Hustle tour are now finalized!

Well, mostly—we’re still working out a few scheduling things. But I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer… the tour starts next month!

If you’ve never been to one of my book events before, know that they are a lot of fun. Each stop is both interactive and introvert-friendly. You’ll learn something, we’ll have a chance to talk, and you’ll also meet a lot of other awesome people.

—> Check it out and sign up! 

I’ve been doing unconventional book tours for seven years now, and I love every part of it. Last year I finished the 30-city Born for This tour and thought, “When can I do this again??”

I hope you’ll join me somewhere along the way for this one. Most stops are free, and everyone is welcome.

Sign up and tell your friends!

2. I’d love to send you a free report.

Ever since I started Side Hustle School on January 1, a lot of people have told me that their biggest challenge is finding the right idea. Well, every day on the show, I tell a story of someone who’s found an idea and turned it into a new source of income.

Still, sometimes you just need the ideas. I get it!

With that in mind, I’ve recently created a report featuring some of the best ideas from the show so far. It’s called “48 Hustle Ideas to Get You Started,” and it’s NOT for sale.

My new book, Side Hustle, comes out on September 19. If you pre-order it from any retailer (including Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but also your local bookstore), I’ll send you the report free.

—> Get the report here!


I feel very fortunate that I can write for a living and serve a global community of remarkable people. Much more is on the way!

Yours in hustling,


Chris Guillebeau

Decide for yourself what you want, then find a way to make it happen.

Announcing the Side Hustle Book: Coming September 19, 2017 (+ 100 City Tour!)


Friends and readers!

On September 19th, my new book, Side Hustle, will launch—and I can’t wait to share it with you! I’ve been working on it for more than a year… or perhaps more than two decades, if you count the whole time I’ve been making a living without a job.

After much debate, I can finally show you the book cover, as selected by a panel of readers who had a lot of strong opinions. 🙂

The book builds on the lessons of my daily podcast, Side Hustle School, and presents a step-by-step, 27-day plan to help you create a new source of income without quitting your day job.

More news coming soon, but for now:

  • You can pre-order the book from your choice of retailers. Those retailers include your favorite local bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or anywhere else you’d prefer. If you pre-order, save your receipt (digital or physical)—I’ll have a special bonus for you later.
  • Join the Street Team and be part of the launch! If you’d like to learn about the behind-the-scenes and join me in making sure that everyone hears about the book in September, sign up here.
  • Note: if joining the Street Team, we’ll ask you to buy at least one copy of the book and leave an honest review.

  • I’ll be doing a 100-city tour throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K., and then eventually the rest of the world. If you represent a company, organization, co-working space, or similar that would like to host an event, let me know. We’ll be announcing cities next month and I’d love to visit as many cities as possible.

All of my work is reader-supported and made for readers. Over and over on last year’s tour for Born for This, I heard that people wanted to learn more about starting a side hustle without quitting their day job.

This book, this tour, and the daily podcast is the answer to that request demand. I can’t wait till September 19th!


Decide for yourself what you want, then find a way to make it happen.